February 2021 Episode

A deep dive into the Adobe Cloud subscriptions and a closer look at the Lightroom interface

  • Creative Cloud subscriptions 1:30
  • Lightroom Classic vs Lightroom 6:00
  • Lightroom differences 9:45

June 2021 Episode

LOTS of new features, including presets, scroll by row, super resolution, and Nikon Tether improvements

  • New standard presets available in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom, including presets for skin in Portraits, Cinematic, Futuristic and Vintage styles, and Travel 3:15
  • How to locate where your presets are, and what a preset does 8:50
  • A plug-ins you may want to consider 13:55
  • How to locate ‘missing’ images or folders 21:00
  • Scroll by Row 25:00
  • Super Resolution 30:00
  • Stacking 33:00
  • Nikon Tether Capture and Tether Capture settings 45:00

August 2021 Episode

In this episode, Guy T shares how to migrate Lightroom from one computer to another and do it seamlessly.


October 2021 Episode

A major update to Lightroom Classic and Lightroom brings us masking! In this episode, watch as Guy T shows a variety of sample images and how Lightroom handles each when put to the test, and you’ll see how the new features can dramatically enhance your workflow!


December 2021 Episode

In this episode, Guy T takes a look at the December updates, and reaches back to questions on features from throughout the year, including Metadata, freeing up your creativity with Snapshots, Virtual Copy, Presets, and Profiles.  You’ll also see how Smart Collections can make life easier, what Copy Names are and why they could be important to your workflow, plus how easy culling can ‘B’ and how to print to a file in batch with borders, identity plates and more!