Presented by Cris Duncan

Sunday, February 19
1:30PM – 4:15PM

You have taken the trip. You have created the image. Now what? Now it is time to make it sing and come to life.

In today’s digital world, capture is just the beginning. In this course, you will discover the tools and techniques the pros use to take your landscape images from hero to zero. Your instructor, Cris Duncan, will take you step by step in simple to use, but advanced techniques that will take your image enhancement to the next level.  These details are the difference makers in making a good image a great one.

This course will cover many of today’s most popular image enhancement programs including Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop, Nik Software, Luminar and Capture One Pro. Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing where to start. You will also learn the things to look for in your images and the discover the tools needed to make your images what your eyes have seen.

Topics covered will included:

  • Basic adjustments in your RAW processor
  • Selective adjustments in Lightroom
  • Color grading
  • Creating presets
  • Stunning B&W conversions
  • Adding and replacing skies
  • Removing and adding elements
  • Non-destructive dodging and burning
  • Image finishing and much more.

Can you imagine how that will impact your work? Landscape photography is not just for vacations and free time. It is an opportunity to share the world and a part of yourself with the community and it is an exercise in creativity that is sure to leave you inspired, regardless of your photographic knowledge, discipline or profession. Even if you are not a landscape shooter, this class has applications to every genre of photography. Each student will be given a handout with Cris’s notes as well as a special link to download some of his favorite Lightroom presets designed for landscape imagery.