Presented by Deanna Duncan

Saturday, February 19
1:30pm – 5pm

Does the idea of handing a client a five-figure invoice make you sweat? What about four-figures? Do you love creating art and HATE attaching a dollar figure to it or do you LOVE the $$$ in your wallet and desire to make it more? Regardless of where you are, come and join Deanna Duncan for an afternoon of unlocking the secrets of non-slimy sales.

It starts by Putting People First. This principle is based on the Platinum Rule—Do unto others as they would have done unto themselves. It’s a whole theory of matching people to what they need based upon their personalities.

We will dive into designing portraits using color theory and personality traits to create irresistible art and examine word choices and body language used in every step of the process. This is just the beginning.

Step two is transferring client wealth to your wallet. Selling your work should not be hard. Together we are going to discover ways to match your work to client’s needs in a way you have never done before—a way that will skyrocket your sales and have clients joyfully throwing money at you. Ok, they may not throw the money, but they will write the check or hand you the card with a smile. It’s not all just theoretical. In this class, you get to do the work as we build custom collections and work on personal scripts to help you overcome objections. It may just change your life—or at least your bank account.

So, join us for an afternoon of unlocking your own sales potential and doing it in a way that makes you feel refreshed and renewed with joy every time you walk into a sales session.

Meet Deanna Duncan

Deanna Duncan, known as Dee to her friends, has a passion for empowering people to see beauty—in themselves and others. She left her career in education and non-profit management to help her husband, Cris Duncan, realize his dream and somewhere along the journey of building C j Duncan Photography in Lubbock, Texas, she discovered that she too could take the visions she saw in her head and transfer them to reality through the camera lens.

Deanna is an Internationally award winning photographer who has been published in several magazines and had the honor of representing the United States in the World Photographic Cup as well as being a Grand Imaging Award recipient and an Elite Plus PPA member.

However, what really brings her joy is people. There is nothing she loves more than sitting down with you, a great cup of tea and hearing your story—and then figuring out how to build your business. If you don’t watch out, she may talk you into running a 5K or perhaps a marathon. You just never know what can happen when you start dreaming…