Presented by Larry Lourcey, M.Photog., Cr. M.Artist, CPP

Saturday, February 19
1:30PM – 5:00PM

Program Description:

Struggling to figure out print competition? Do you always end up a few points shy of the merit? Have you avoided entering because you just can’t come up with the right images?

Take a guided tour with an experienced PPA International Juror. Learn how to approach competition the way the judges approach competition. Larry will explain why some images do well and others fail – from a judge’s perspective. He will show you several of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

From there, he will show you how to brainstorm for image concepts that will energize your creativity. Once you’ve fleshed out the idea, he will teach you a process to fine tune your concepts and lift your image out of the dreaded 78-79 range. You will leave the program with a great competition image idea and a clear plan for creating the final piece. Greatness awaits!

Meet Larry Lourcey:

First and foremost, Larry Lourcey is a portrait artist. Since earning his Bachelor of Arts in 1992, continuing education has always been a priority. Countless art classes and photography workshops have helped to mold his style and technique. His work encompasses a broad range of styles- from fun, whimsical black and whites to elegant, traditional portraiture.

He is also a talented painter, with a rich style inspired by artists like Pina Daeni and John Singer Sargent. His work has been featured in everything from the “Painter Wow” books to the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine.

He has had several images included in the PPA Loan Collection, earning him the Imaging Excellence Award in 2013. He has also been a finalist in the Grand Imaging Awards.

In 2001, Larry earned his Certified Professional Photographer designation from the Professional Photographers of America, followed by his Master Photographer degree is 2007. In 2009 he became a PPA Approved Juror. He added Master Artist to his resume in 2016.