Presented by Elizabeth Homan, M.Photog, Cr, CPP, API and Trey Homan, Cr.Photog., CPP

Sunday, February 20
8:30AM – 4:15PM

There is an art to composing, lighting and posing family groups. Elizabeth will share with you her posing and lighting techniques all while keeping artistic compositions in mind. Trey will show you how a great assistant can make the session enjoyable for subjects of all ages, and allow Elizabeth to create a large variety of portraits for the family to purchase.

In addition to posing, lighting and composition, Elizabeth will share her sales techniques and product offerings that allow her to sell what she wants to sell and keeps her clients coming back for more.

As a bonus, Elizabeth and Trey will share their marketing techniques for how they get clients in the door and keep them for LIFE!

1. Posing Techniques for individuals, couples and groups of 3-30+
2. Composition ideas to get your creative juices flowing during your family sessions
3. In Person Sales Techniques for the photographer who loves to give a lot of choices
4. Products that WOW your clients and increase your sales averages
5. Ways to keep the clients you have coming back again and again and again!

Meet Elizabeth and Trey Homan:

Elizabeth and Trey have been married for 23 years. Trey married into the Artistic Images business as Elizabeth started it with her parents 5 years prior. Elizabeth is the portrait artist/sales goddess while Trey is an absolute “Jack of all trades”. From assistant to groundskeeper to graphic designer, Trey does everything EXCEPT take the photographs. Together they make a dynamic team. In addition to working together, they are also raising 3 sons, one of whom has special needs. Life is never dull, but luckily they kind of like it that way.