Randy Pollard, M. Photog Cr.

Saturday, February 22
1:30 PM – 4:15PM

High school seniors can be incredibly profitable, as long as you (as Steven Covey would say) begin with the end in mind.  So, to that end, we’ve flipped the senior workflow on it’s head!!

In the fast paced class, Randy will start with the sales presentation and work backwards to the marketing that got the senior in your door to begin with!!

Randy will cover:

  • Tips to structure your price list to help them buy what you want to sell
  • In-person sales techniques
  • Before sales sneak peeks – good idea??
  • Posing hacks you need!!
  • Don’t be afraid of natural light, and it’s ALL natural light!!
  • Setting yourself apart from the competitionCome see how hindsight IS 2020!!



Randy Pollard is from Victoria Texas, 20 miles south of where winter stops!  Randy co-owns L-Ann Imaging with his wife Laura Ann, and also has On the Edge Photography which specializes in sports.  The couple has three children, and three cats….coincidence??  Maybe not…