Ranson_CliffFirst 3 songs, no flash!
Sunday, July 13 – 4 pm – 6 pm

“First three songs, no flash” is the industry standard announcement immediately before
leaving the media holding area. After securing your position in the pit, you wait for the
lights to go down, the energy rises, and then, there are no second chances. You must
capture everything you need for the venue during the first three songs, no excuses.

I will detail probably the most exciting fifteen minutes a photographer can experience
from the pit directly in front of the concert stage. And also what it is like to deal with all
the backstage personalities associated with the music industry.

ShakiraHaving been the House Photographer for the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo Texas since
2003, I have photographed over 400 concerts and events. This program will teach
attendees how to photograph in large or small venues, whether professional or amateur

How I got the gig
Camera Settings
Lenses and Equipment needed
Color Temperature
Post Production
Shooting backstage
What Not to do
Shooting from the soundboard
Photographer’s rights
Securing credentials
Who to ask
Difference in access passes
The photo release, what it says, and the one I won’t sign.
Rules of the pit

JanetShort list of artists photographed:
Carlos Santana Martina McBride
Elton John Zac Brown Band
KISS Chicago
George Strait ZZ Top
Shakira Sugarland
Aerosmith Ted Nugent
STYX Dwight Yoakum
Janet Jackson Diana Ross
Ricky Martin Brad Paisley
Cliff Ranson is a portrait photographer based in McAllen, TX. In business for 25 years,
he has built one of the most respected studios in the area, photographing families,
weddings, children, and high school seniors. He has been an active member of Texas
PPA and PPA for 20 of those years.

He earned his Photographic Craftsman degree from PPA in 2008, after giving programs
on sales and co-op marketing, and, hosting Super Monday classes in his studio. He
attained the distinction of PPA Certified in 2009. In January 2011, he was awarded the
degree of Master Photographer for excellence in print judging. He is the Past President
of the Texas Professional Photographers Association.

Since 2003, he has photographed over 500 concerts and professional sporting events
as the house photographer for the State Farm Arena in McAllen, TX. Since 2006, he
has spoken at local, regional, and national events. The most recent topic presented in
Atlanta, Ga, has been how to take session ideas and turn them into profitable
promotions. Three sold out classes enjoyed hands on shooting with models during the
course of the class.