Print Competition Boot Camp
Mark McCall M. Photog. M. Artist Cr.CPP

Nothing will increase the level of your work more quickly that competing in PPA style print competition. This workshop will give you the tools and confidence to score, score big and more importantly, score regularly! Follow Mark’s journey into the often scary world of PPA Print Competition and see how easy it really is to merit on the state, district and national level.

Learn the ins and outs of the competition world and why things work the way they do.

Watch as Mark rearranges the 12 Elements of Print Competition into the order of real life importance, and to what the Jurors react to most. Who knew??

*One type of image almost always merits. Find out what it is and how to create it. Better yet,
learn how to get others to pay for it.
*See Mark’s “Secret Weapon” he uses on almost every competition print he enters.
*Two subjects in your image are usually better than one, find out why.
*One thing will drive down the score of any competition print. You’ll be shocked to see
what it is.
*Client image or shoot specifically for competition. Which is best?
*Learn how to squeeze an extra point or two by paying more close attention to an often
overlooked area…the mat!!!
*Learn the difference between the degree plans and how to shoot for each.
*Storytelling goes a long way. Learn to tell or create a story within your image that can make a
less-than-perfect image score much higher.
*Judges are human. Use the human element to your advantage.
*Prints vs. Digital Images, which should you enter?
*Find out what type of paper to use with what type of image.
*Learn about printing, subject matter, where to find inspiration and most importantly, learn what
the judges are looking for and what they’ll ding you for.
….and much more!!!

Mark McCall Bio

Mark owns a New York style red brick boutique photography studio in historic downtown Lubbock Texas specializing in wedding, portrait and commercial photography, opening in 1996.

McCall Photography was one of the first fully digitally integrated studios in the US, and is Texas PPA’s resident expert in resolving the technical issues facing digital photographers. Mark is an expert at digital file handing, manipulation and protection and currently holds all three Photographic Degrees from PPA.

Mark will be awarded PPA’s Imaging Excellence Award at ImagingUSA in Nashville TN in Jan. 2018, an award achieved when a photographer lands 13 images into PPA’s Loan Collection.

Mark is the author of the TPPA Print Competition Guide and is the current Chairman of the TPPA Print Competition Committee.