Presented by Doc List

Saturday, February 22
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

What excites you? If you could choose ANYTHING, what would you photograph/create? What would it take? Who would you work with? WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

I’ve spent the last couple of years exploring the subjects that interest me, from learning how to create composites to my Austin Bodies Project to recreating classic paintings. Each of these efforts has brought me several things: overcoming fears, achieving greater mastery of my technique and technology, improving my craft and artistry, establishing a broader reputation, and new clients. Yes, doing what I love has brought me clients.

I had to learn about renting studio space, by the hour and now as a subtenant. I had to learn about using lights, working with hair and makeup artists, shooting in different locations, finding models, finding inspiration, scheduling, and all the rest of it. Everything you’ve worried about, I’ve probably worried about. And dealt with.

We’ll talk about your fears and blockers. We’ll explore the obstacles you’re putting in your own way. You’ll ask the questions that you’ve been wanting to ask, but didn’t know who to ask (or you were afraid to reveal your ignorance or inexperience, BOTH of which are curable). In this session, I’ll share some of my experience, show some of my images, demonstrate how I create a passion piece, and help you to identify and plan your own passion project.

Meet the Speaker:
Doc List loves photographing people, and enjoys creating something that never existed before. He spends a LOT of time in Photoshop, learning and playing and exploring new ways of doing things. He has entered composites in competition, and gotten a merit or two along the way. Mostly, though, he has a passion for creating composites that are believable.