Get your light meter out of the closet and replace the batteries…you are going to finally learn how to use it!

You say you don’t have a hand-held meter? Then grab your camera and join us anyway because you will learn how to use the in-camera meter as well.

OK, you may be thinking, “If my camera already has a meter, why do I want a hand-held meter?” The answer to that question will be revealed in this two-hour program by Steve Kozak.

In this class, you will learn the difference between in-camera and hand-held meters and why it is so important to getting perfect exposures. In addition, Steve will cover:

*Step by step instructions on setting up your own meter (Be sure to have it in your hands for the class!)
*The mode settings on your meter
*Customizing the read out
*Dome “in” or dome “out”?
*Meter calibration
*and much more

Once you take command of your meter, you never have to question exposure again. There is no substitute for confidence.