Rio Rancho
Saturday, July 21
9AM – 4PM

Getting Started with Charitable Marketing to Boost Sales
Hosted by Jessica Booton

Do you have a charity or group you support or work with at a personal level? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could find a way to do more for this group?”. If so, then this class is for you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Non-Profit Sales and Marketing. This introductory class will go over the basics of working with a non-profit or charity group including:

– Finding the right group for you to work with
– Marketing
– Pre-Shoot, Shoot and Post Shoot coordination.
– Additional Sales
– Technical and Logistical details of working at events.

The class will be broken into 2 3 ½ hour sections. The first section will cover types of Non-Profits that are available, identifying the type of organization you want to work with, contacting and communications, marketing the Photo Shoot/Event and Financial distribution after the event. The second half will focus on Records and Booking practices, Secondary sales associated with Non-Profit work, and technicalities of working a shoot inside of a Non-Profit event.

Workshop Fee:
PPANM Members – $89
Non-PPANM Members – $99
“Join & Go” – $184 (includes 1-year membership in PPANM)

Rio Rancho, NM

Meet PPANM Member, Jessica Booton:

I’m a family and children’s photographer from Los Alamos, NM.  I have been in business for a little over two years but my love for photography started when I received my first 110 camera at the age of 10.