Doug 3898-webLaura Bennett-webArt & Expression in Landscape Photography

Doug & Laura Bennett
Colorado Springs, CO

Doug and Laura Bennett of Colorado Springs, Colorado, have learned that Landscape Photography must demonstrate not only mastery of craft and technique, but also mastery of vision and expression.

After presenting their well received presentation on the photographic craft and technique for Landscape Photography last year at our convention, the Bennett’s are returning for our 2016 PPANM Convention. Doug and Laura will move to the heart of landscape photography . . . the goal of communicating your emotions and artistic vision in an image. Ansel Adams had it right when he said, “Photography not only what you see, but also what you feel.” Great photography is about making images that connect with viewers, making them feel something about the subject. Doug and Laura’s presentation will share techniques to make your imagery communicate more, as well as explore the unconscious psychological factors that make for appealing landscape photography.

Doug and Laura both received their PPA Master’s Degree from PPA in 2015. Both were named PPA Diamond Photographers of the Year in 2014 and in 2015 Doug was again a Diamond winner while Laura was a Gold Photographer of the Year. Additionally Doug will be receiving the prestigious Imaging Excellence Award and his Craftsman Degree at the 2016 Imaging USA in Atlanta.