Lonely Train 23x15Creativity and Photoshop

There is always room for more creativity in our work as photographers, whether we are purists, extreme Photoshop compositors, or something in between. Studies show that we all have the components in our brains for creativity – but some of us are better than others at accessing those particular parts of the brain. The study of the science of creativity involves enhancing those portals – the ones that lead to our hidden creative abilities.

Studying neuro-science can be boring at times, but I’ve whittled down an abundance of information to just the handful of conclusions that are meaningful to us as photographers.

Looking Up 12x24 flatI’ll be mixing these scientific suggestions with specific Photoshop applications. More often than not, the approaches that are used in teaching Photoshop tend to hinder creativity because these approaches show you how to do specific things – light whitening teeth or smoothing out skin or replacing a sky. As a result you end up just doing what someone else has already done before. I think we can get out of this rut – that’s the thrust of my presentation.

Steamy Hot PorschfDennis Chamberlain, M.Photog.Cr.,CPP
Dennis specializes in Southwestern Art photography, selling his work at galleries in Northern New Mexico. His art sales include a variety of compositing techniques, from minor, simple compositing to “starting with a blank canvas”. He is a student of the science of creativity, including the theories of Shelley Carson of Harvard University.

Gateway to the Secret Garden 13x18Dennis grew up in an Eastman Kodak family in Rochester and had his first medium format camera (a “hand me down” from his father) when he was seven. He worked in the Dallas Processing Lab of Kodak while he was in college, gaining a view into some of life’s most private moments as shown on uncensored 35mm Kodachrome slide film as it came off the processing line.

Against the Wind Master 30x20Dennis is currently the only New Mexico photographer who is certified by Adobe in both Photoshop and Lightroom. He splits his time between portrait and art photography and music, playing guitar for Albuquerque singer Nanette deVall.
His website is www.dcphotoartistry.com