Cris-Deanna-Duncan-web LIGHTING FOR SALES
Photography is an art that melds light and subject together to create an unforgettable image. By combining your artistic vision with the mastery of the technical science of photography, you can create the images that you see in your dreams. ” It is not a recipe–its knowing what each ingredient does so you can create your own signature style. How do you do this? You learn lighting. Strobes, off-camera, studio, location, natural light, mixed light and more–they each can help you propel your business. ” Join Cris and Deanna Duncan for a fun , interactive experience where you will:

LEARN LIGHTING–Lighting anywhere, in any situation with any light
LEARN LIGHTING PRINCIPLES–Why does it do that? How can it work for me?
LEARN TO MAKE A LIVING–Light, compose and design with the end in mind to ensure profitable sessions

DuncanClass-05-webYou will stretch, laugh, be refreshed and discover new tools to add to your photographic skill set. In a relaxed environment, you will explore the psychology behind the sales process. What do people want? How can you light the images in a way that speaks to the client? Lighting for Sales is the melding of the technical, psychological and artistic parts of photography to allow you to create something like no one else.

Whether you have been photographing three years or 30, after this class, you will be able to combine technical skills with design and compositional elements to confidently deliver your very best for clients. Every time.






DuncanClass-04-webLearning Outcomes. – GUARANTEED!
1. You will learn what any light source will do in any situation.
2. You will learn how to light individuals and groups everywhere, every time!
3. You will learn to create sellable images in any environment! studio, location, low-light, etc.
4. You will learn to use flash/strobe on location and not have your images look ‘Flashed”
5. You will learn portrait, wedding and commercial photography/design techniques and why they are different.
6. You will learn how to make more money with your photography by maximizing your sales potential!
7. You will gain confidence in your photography and enhance your client interaction
8. You will learn techniques to cut-down on your post-production time
9. You will learn how to go from consult to completion and deliver a product your client will love and you will be proud of.
10. You will have a great time and return home a better, more complete photographer

DuncanClass-03-webMeet Cris j and Deanna Duncan,
Cris and Deanna Duncan operate CjDuncan Photography, a high-end portrait, wedding and commercial studio in Lubbock, TX. Cris and Deanna truly want what is best for this profession and that is why he strives to simply teach Photography. Cris’s goal, or mission statement is simple:

“To empower photographers with a sense of purpose, inspiration and passion all while supplying practical applications for their craft, business and life.”
Simply stated, let’s talk photography.

CjDuncan Photography has flourished for over 12 years in a competitive market and continue to be regarded as one of the top studios in Texas. Cris is a Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer and a Photographic Craftsman and Deanna is a Photographic Craftsman. Since turning pro in 2002, they have photographed Presidents, Vice Presidents, dignitaries and countless others. Cris has worked for such companies as Stephen Joseph, Frito-Lay and Bayer CropScience and been honored to photograph numerous weddings, portraits and commercial assignments of great people all over this land.

DuncanClass-02-webCris is the recipient of several awards and honors including the Grand Imaging Award/Commercial Category, 3 time PPA Photographer of the Year and a multi-year Texas Top 10 recipient. Garnered with best portrait, wedding and commercial trophies from both TPPA and SWPPA, Cris and Deanna have become respected educators and leaders in the photographic community.

He is the Executive Director of the SPPPA, a member of the PPAedu curriculum committee and the founder of Find your Focus photographic education. Cris is also one of only a handful of PPA approved CPP instructors. Cris and Deanna teach and lead their classes with an honest and transparent style. They believe in a “No Secrets” approach. We believe that we are in the best profession on the planet and want every one of you to succeed and make our industry better and stronger. The Duncan’s believes you will find this message one of importance, inspiration and enlightenment.