Presented by Kevin Dooley, M.Photog.

Monday, February 21
8:30AM – 3:00PM

As a photographer, your journey will most likely lead to many more discoveries other then f-stops, shutter releases, and hours with your favorite editing software. In fact you’re never ending journey of self discovery may only begin with the creation of an image. Time in thought discovering what leads you to being creative and what inspires you to think in a creative way will both build and help maintain those thoughts and feelings. Allow your image making to go way beyond the obvious and adventure into your emotions and become a part of who you truly are. Learning to make every image you create a part of you. Allowing who you are to be a part of your image making will set you on a photographic journey of incredible satisfaction, insight and understanding.

The importance of maintaining a healthy and happy mind to build and maintain your creativity is another vital part of being both creative and happy as a photographer. When one can make space in a cluttered world and in a cluttered mind to truly enjoy life, rid yourself of negative thinking, and provide thoughts that bring you to your happy places, your creativity will flourish. In addition to the importance of a happy and healthy mind, your diet and your exercise routine will all have an over all impact on your creativity. Everything from the way you treat other people to the way you treat yourself will have an impact on your ability to strive in the creative department.

Join Wildlife and portrait photographer Kevin Dooley as we dive into the techniques of developing and maintaining a creative life style that will surly help you find your true creative place and be able to be there more frequently.

Kevin will cover:

  • Learn to look for light
  • Discover what brings on your creativity
  • Learn to mediate and discover your creative talents
  • Find out how positive thinking leads to creativity
  • Discover how photography creates a happy place to be

Kevin Dooley is an award-winning wildlife and portrait/wedding photographer who grew up in Placitas, New Mexico. The Interest of photography began at an early age of 14 with the Christmas gift of a 35mm camera. Working as an Assistant photographer and darkroom technician in his father’s portrait Studio was the beginning of a lifetime career in Photography. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the US Navy and served on an Aircraft carrier. After completing his service, he returned to New Mexico and opened his own photography Studio in Albuquerque.

During the 39 years the Studio has been in operation it has received numerous awards. Kevin has been selected twice as part of the Team to represent the USA in the Photographic world cup. He has been published in many publications, and his book, Wild Faces in Wild Places. His passion for wildlife photography and for Alaska, India, and Africa, led to his safari adventures. Africa has always had a special place in Kevin’s heart. He thrives on sharing this amazing place with others. Teaching about the wildlife, the trees, and the history of wild Africa. Everything from the sunrise to the adventurous stories that are shared around the evening campfires, hold a special place in Kevin’s heart. A special place that he loves to share and experience with the travelers and Photographers who share the love of both photography and the wild places.