Las Cruces
Saturday, September 8
9 AM – 5 PM

Creative Photoshop Techniques
Hosted by Dennis Chamberlain

The goal of this program is to expand your Photoshop expertise and creativity. Demonstrations will include creative Photoshop approaches using many of the well-known Photoshop tools, as well as explanations and demonstrations of lessor known, but very powerful, Photoshop tools. There will be lots of working examples that apply to both portrait and landscape (or scenic) photography.

This presentation focuses on the many creative and practical uses of Photoshop techniques that you may or may not be aware of. There are tools and techniques that many users avoid because they feel it would take too much time to learn. This presentation will demonstrate the fact that they are not as difficult as they might seem. Other tools are simple enough and are used by most of us, but their full potential isn’t being utilized. This presentation will expand your thinking to show the additional uses for these wonderful tools.

The presentation will include many specific examples with “live demonstrations”, including some of the ways these tools helped Dennis achieve his Master Photographer and Master Artist degrees.

Specific Examples of Some of the Tools and Techniques that will be covered:

The many creative uses for “Free Transform”, and especially the “warp” option within it.

The keys to one of the easiest and most underused techniques – the “Blend If” Sliders

The Pen tool. So simple, and yet only about 2% of Photoshop users employ it.

The “De-Haze” filter – creative uses of sliding it “both ways”.

Saving images with poor mid-day light with two approaches – the mixer brush and textures.

Skies – the best ways to shoot them, alter them, and change them out.

Stretching pixels – Don’t be shy about it.

The Tree generator.

Lightroom is your friend. If you don’t use it, now is the time to learn it.

Taking two photos some time apart of the same scene – an underused compositing idea.


Workshop Fee:
PPANM Members – $89
Non-PPANM Members – $99
“Join & Go” – $184 (includes 1-year membership in PPANM)

Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces
Las Cruces, NM

Meet PPANM Member, Dennis Chamberlain, M.Photog.Cr.,CPP:

Dennis specializes in Southwestern Art photography, selling his work at galleries in Northern New Mexico. His art sales include a variety of compositing techniques, from minor, simple compositing to “starting with a blank canvas”. He is a student of the science of creativity, including the theories of Shelley Carson of Harvard University.

Dennis grew up in an Eastman Kodak family in Rochester and had his first medium format camera (a “hand me down” from his father) when he was seven. He worked in the Dallas Processing Lab of Kodak while he was in college, gaining a view into some of life’s most private moments as shown on uncensored 35mm Kodachrome slide film as it came off the processing line.

Dennis is currently the only New Mexico photographer who is certified by Adobe in both Photoshop and Lightroom. He splits his time between portrait and art photography and music, playing guitar for Albuquerque singer Nanette deVall.
His website is

“I use photography and Photoshop to tell stories, (both real and imagined), about life. I am a student of the science of creativity, and in particular I am a follower of the theories of Shelley Carson of Harvard. I am also a musician, having played professionally most of my life. I find the similarities between the musical profession and photography and Photoshop to be numerous and enlightening.”