Dennis Kelley, CPP
Friday, February 21
8:00AM to Noon


Black and white photography has often been considered a medium with a rich history and a bright future. Many photographers regard it as the purest form of the art. But how is black and white different from color photography?

Working in black and white can help you become a better photographer. It removes the distraction of color and lets you focus on the tone and contrast in your images. Shooting black and white is much more than just desaturating an image. Learning how to use a range of black and white conversion techniques to maximize the impact of your images may very well be that extra element that has been missing from your work. Shooting in black and white can definitely shake up your approach to photography.

Whether it be capturing the beauty and soul of your subject or capturing mood and atmosphere in landscapes, black and white is powerful and evocative. In this program, Dennis will guide you in creating images with storytelling and impact. From seeing the world in black and white to the digital darkroom, Dennis will push your creativity to a new level while working within the parameters of a world without color.

Participants will learn:

• Seeing and exposing for black and white
• Camera filters
• Composition for black and white
• Controlling tone & contrast
• Detail and texture
• Black and white conversion
• Printing

Meet The Speaker:

Dennis Kelley is an award-winning, published professional photographer who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He loves all genres of photography but focuses mostly on sports and wildlife photography.

When Dennis was a child, his father worked as a photographer for the National Weather Service in Oklahoma. His father’s stories and images spurred his interest in photography. After growing up using film cameras and many hours in the darkroom, Dennis originally pursued photography as a hobby after entering the police academy. After 20+ successful years in law enforcement, Dennis decided to retire and continue his pursuit of photography as a full-time professional. Dennis enjoys volunteering his time to several organizations, teaching others, and is always looking for the opportunity to capture the true beauty of nature and life. When not behind the lens, Dennis enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, music, and his greatest treasure… his 13-year-old son.

Dennis’ work has been recognized at local and state print competitions, being awarded the “Texas Top 10” for consecutive years. His work has also been accepted into the prestigious PPA “Loan Collection,” been awarded the PPA Gold and Silver Photographer of the Year, and a Grand Imaging Awards (GIA) finalist.

Dennis currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Professional Photographers of San Antonio and is the Organizer of Capture San Antonio Photography. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of the Incarnate Word. He earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences from Texas State University and a Master of Science from Sam Houston State University.