“Great Photos in a Flash!” by Alison Carlino

Hello to my PPANM pre-con class! Got home last evening from WPPI. What a successful blur the last 7 days have been! lol

Had a great time working with all of you and wanted to pass along that the images from our class are now posted to the link below. It has the PowerPoint as well.

The images were left in succession for you, meaning the light checks, the color checks, and the work through on composition and angles up to the final image of the series.

Click here.

Have a great day and hopefully our paths will cross again in June for the Road Trip!

Alison Carlino

Alison Carlino, Cr. Photog., C.P.P.
Carlino’s Photography

“The Art of Street Portraits” by Dennis Kelley

Download the Power Point

Download the Model Release

“Ten Tips for Taking Great Photos” by Steve Kozak

Download Steve’s Power Point

“Getting Started With Light Modifiers” by Guy T Phillips

Download Guy T’s Power Point

“Seniors From Finish to Start” by Randy Pollard

Download the Power Point

“The Art of Black & White Photography” by Dennis Kelley

Download Dennis’ Power Point

“From Flowers to Fine Art” by Teri Whittaker

Download Teri’s Power Point

“Sports Composites” by Randy Pollard

Download the Power Point